Hoverboards aren’t just a hot item on wish lists. They’re also a hot topic, from rules about where you can and can’t take one to concerns about safety.

Forget riding your new hoverboard through New York City streets or Quicken Loans Arena where the Cleveland Cavaliers play. And if you’re headed to the airport, be sure you check travel regulations. They vary from airline to airline, and you can bet there will be changes as the travel season heats up.

Then there’s the crash and burn factor – or factors – in this case. Some hoverboarders report spontaneous combustion during use or charging and you can find plenty of videos online showing how easy it is to fall off a hoverboard. We’d link to them, but then we’d have to include an “adult language” warning.

While hoverboards are teaching plenty of people some important lessons in gravity, drones are helping thousands of others defy it. With hundreds of thousands of new Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in the air this year, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), isn’t so sure about the trend and is reviewing recommendations for keeping track of who’s got what in the air. So before you launch that UAS from Santa, make sure know whether you need to register as a pilot. The proposed registration would be done online and is pretty easy, for those of you who want to dig deeper, here’s the report.

And whether they’re zooming through the skies or zipping down the street, it’s nice to know that as Americans celebrate the season, they’re celebrating engineering, too.