“We need to demonstrate that engineering is one of the best ways to help people and make a major difference in the world. If we can do that, we can begin to address the diversity problem.”

Olin College of Engineering President Dr. Rick Miller


“We need to be thinking of ways to improve a student’s awareness of the wonders of engineering, and create viable opportunities to act on their interests. We need to help them understand how exciting a career in engineering can be and fuel their dreams and aspirations with compelling stories such as self-driving cars, land, air and space robotics, medical devices, and smart urban infrastructure.”

Carnegie Mellon University Dean of Engineering Dr. James H. Garrett 


“We need to focus on encouraging students to “stay with it” and provide mentoring and role models. While majoring in a STEM field is rigorous, it is extremely rewarding.”

Georgia Institute of Technology Dean of the College of Engineering Dr. Gary S. May


“We live in a big world, with a lot of opportunities, a lot of issues, and a lot of complexity. We need to show students they can make a difference by becoming master learners who are capable of tackling any challenge.”

Arizona State University President Dr. Michael M. Crow