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Photo credit: GE Foundation


Investing in the Future: a conversation with Kelli Wells

As Executive Director for Education for the GE Foundation, Kelli Wells influences the future of American engineering. She’s focused on managing partnerships to close the skills gap and ignite a spark of passion in students as they realize what being an engineer really means.

Q: Solving the capacity challenge, or the “skills gap,” is a priority of GE Foundation. How do these efforts specifically benefit engineers?

As the first digital industrial company, GE is acutely aware of the need to expand the number of students who ultimately pursue degrees and careers in engineering fields and to broaden the participation of underrepresented populations. Increasing engineering skills for all students is critical to achieving a scientifically and technologically literate society that will enhance our nation’s global competitiveness.

Through our commitment to engineering, we are investing in the next generation’s problem solvers to look at what will be needed in the economy and address it through world-class education pipelines. We are working across stakeholder lines to equip all students with the education, skills and training that they need for the demands of the workforce and the global labor economy. Through our initiatives, engineers cultivate both technical skills and essential skills necessary for career success.


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