February 2019

EMBRACING TRANSFORMATION: So far, if 2019 is anything, it’s future focused. It’s all about being forward thinking, getting ahead of the curve and understanding that the only certainty is the rapid pace of change. As digital transformation becomes a force so all-encompassing that this piece in Ad Age warns we “can no longer treat digital as a separate thing—it’s got to be the only thing,” we turned to a future engineer and a leader who’s training him and his peers to be ready for what’s next.

Our latest NEF Conversation comes courtesy of roving reporter Malcolm Smitherman, a Miami University junior computer engineering major with a minor in physics and a member of the Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute. He talks with Louise Morman, executive director of LMLI and a senior management executive with a long career in the energy sector. Morman brings with her experience as a systems analyst and expert in leadership and transformational learning to her stewardship of LMLI, an intensive three-year transformational leadership development program for engineering and computing students.

Read on for what engineers of the future are talking about, and what the experts who guide them say we should all be ready for.