Engineering News

Get Ready to Dream Big

Engineering is about to get huge – larger than life and in surround sound.

The filmmakers at MacGillivray Freeman Films (MFF), in partnership with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and Bechtel Corporation made the new IMAX movie “Dream Big: Engineering Our World.

Now, they want it to start a movement.

“Dream Big” director Greg MacGillivray says his team wanted to make a great film, and serve a larger purpose. “We love to create entertaining, informative, visually transporting movies, and this one we think is bigger and more moving than any we have created yet. But we also harbor a hope that this film can act, along with so many other efforts on behalf of STEM, as a bit of a catalyst. We hope to one day meet a young woman who maybe says to us, ‘I saw “Dream Big,” and that’s where my own dreams started.’ That’s an exciting idea to us personally, because the more engineers we have from different backgrounds, following different paths and ideas, the brighter our future looks.”