Brought to you by the letter E: An engineer’s tour of education

Some lucky students see the excitement and creativity of engineering in the classroom throughout the school year.  But there’s fun outside the classroom, too, and we’ve got a sampling of resources to amp up your STEM experience this school year. If robots are your thing, look for programs like Vex Robotics, FIRST Robotics and 4-H Robotics.  Solve the world’s problems by learning to pair innovation and entrepreneurial skills through The Conrad Foundation’s Spirit of Innovation Challenge. The internet offers a wealth of engineering inspiration. Learn the fundamentals from PBS’ Design Squad with a DIY glow stick or build your own mini-robot. Or get a cool mechanical engineering project idea from Science BuddieseGFI is mostly for teachers, but there are some fun articles for students and parents, too.  Engineer Your Life shows high school girls how they can “save lives, prevent disease, reduce poverty and protect our planet” by choosing an engineering career.  There’s Engineer Girl for middle school students.  And of course, be sure to check out the open courseware from universities like MIT, Stanford, Notre Dame, and Yale.