August 2018

SWIMMING WITH THE BIG FISH: How to thrive in engineering school. Whether it’s been decades since you set foot on a college campus, or you’re the freshest of Freshmen, or somewhere in the middle, we can all agree that higher education is a big deal. Getting into college is stressful. Move-in day is no picnic either. But the hard part starts the moment you walk into your first class. It’s a sea of strangers, a professor who’s ready to push you to the limit, and too many other unknowns to even contemplate… Welcome to the next chapter.

Luckily, we’ve tapped into the brain trust of those who’ve gone before you. This newsletter features a collection of tips – a guide for surviving the first year of engineering school – from students at Alabama, Carnegie Mellon, Connecticut, Florida International, UC Boulder, Miami, Purdue, and Rochester Institute of Technology. Read on for advice from these thriving engineering majors on how to get through those weed-out classes, make your mark, and have some fun along the way.